Buy Industrial Circular Connectors Online

24 November 2020

Industrial Connectors Australia stocks a range of weatherproof industrial circular connectors.  

This range of connectors from Power Source is highly cost effective and offers water resistance with ingress protection ratings IP67 and IP68. 

Our product range includes inline connectors, panel mount connector and cable joiner, including T shaped 3 way cable joiners.

Both male and female in-line variants are in stock in M8, M12, M16 and M20 sizes. We also carry a range of complimentary accessories. 

The Power Source connector range is perfect for many industrial applications in Australia.  

They are manufactured to a high standard and are easy to install. 

This makes them ideal for machine builders and OEM applications. In fact, they are suitable for anyone looking for a cost-effective water resistant and reliable connector solution.  

The Power Source connectors are also highly suitable for LED lighting applications, where a water-resistant connection is required.  

For availability and pricing information call Industrial Connectors Australia on 1800 632 693 or send us an email